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The Darling Family Crest was designed and drawn by Tony Helps. (1957-2013)
A Direct descendent of the Darling Family

Welcome to the Darling Family web site, I hope you find this site of interest and become a regular visitor in the future.

 With the help of many others I have traced my family back to around 1599 in Bromsgrove England and have a data base of well over 2,000 individuals.


Apart from one family member who emigrated in 1848 to Australia the rest, to the best of my knowledge, have remained in England and indeed most still live in or near to the Midlands.

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St Johns Church

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Translation of the Darling Crest:

The Coat of arms is flanked by Pegasus horses, on each side.

The background is divided into quarters using the colours Azure (blue) and Terracotta, which denotes loyalty and truth. The yellow cross is representative of the Christian Faith.

The Coat of arms consists of the three pears denoting the families Worcestershire origins in the top left quarter of the shield, followed by the three main professions of the family, a hammer and chisel for the stonemason, shoes for the cordwainer (shoemaker) and scissors for the tailor.

The crest is a Knight crowned by rubies, a hand sits atop him holding a heart proper.

MOTTO; Dei Donum

Translation: The gift of God.

And below the Motto:
Aye, Be Honest, with the Darling family name.

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A painting by
Ida Amelia Darling